I'm a thinker, dreamer, designer, and adventurer, but my day job involves designing pretty clothes for Free People.  I live in the city of never-ending sun, with my best-friend/partner in crime Morgan.  I'm forever inspired by fashion and nature, follow my everyday inspirations and musings here >>> www.paigesofnothing.com

I was born in a tiny town in Texas. There was a time in my life when all I saw in my future was a concrete jungle and bright lights, the antithesis of my upbringing, but when I got there I was like "yo, where did all the trees go!?" and I found out that the west coast was more my sneeze.  So I find myself in the land of sunshine, and all is as it should be.

I'm inspired by the perfectly disheveled, free spirited girl.  She's a modern muse, curious and brave.  Influenced by her surroundings and every corner of the world she finds herself in.  Her home base would probably be the desert, but she's a rambling rose for the most part.  Forever floating around with yesterday's wildflowers still in her hair.

P.S. Sometimes I get my act together, and make pretty things to wear.  Hopefully it will soon happen on the reg ;)  If you'd like to be notified of that and other happenings subscribe below --->